About Our School

Pukehou School has served the Pukehou District since 1920 and the first building used was the Pukehou Hall, now The Paper Mulberry Café, situated opposite Te Aute College. Pupils also came from the Opapa School (1872-1952) formerly known as the Te Aute School by the Te Aute Hotel. The Te Aute School and the Pukehou (Hall) School closed in 1952 when the current Pukehou School was built and opened.

At Pukehou School we strongly believe the benefits of Rural School Education:

  • children of all ages working together for a common goal
  • staff, students and parents aware of each children‟s strengths and working to develop them to their potential
  • concepts, beliefs and values that are held in the rural district are reflected in the school environs easily.

We have a strong emphasis and commitment to Education for Sustainability and this is an umbrella over all activities at our school.

All children benefit from the assets we have and the input of our community in providing “extras” enables Pukehou to fully meet the challenges of “Education for the 21st Century”.

We encourage individualism, pride in family, self and school, care of each student. We take part in every sporting and cultural activity that students and the community consider important.

The staff work hard to provide a caring, professional curriculum that is modern and relevant to the needs of each student, and the products of Pukehou School and Community has consistently been students who are equipped to enter Secondary Education fully aware of their strengths and potential.

Pukehou is a credit to the shared aims of 

  • the Board of Trustees
  • Home and School
  • Parents
  • Students
  • Staff
  • and the wider Pukehou Community.

If you are considering enrolling your child we have a Parent Information Booklet